How to Make a Valentine's Day Marijuana-Infused Chocolate Heart for Your Sweetheart

by HelloMD Staff

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. For some couples, this is an opportunity to demonstrate the depth of their love and devotion. For others, it's a fun day to be a little romantic and do something beautiful for a special person in your life. No matter where you fall on this scale, gifting your partner with a tasty treat is a positive way to celebrate the day. Adding cannabis to your Valentine's gift makes it extra special.

Sex, Chocolate & Cannabis

Chocolate has long played a role on Valentine's Day as a gift between both friends and lovers. Many people believe this tasty sweet also heightens sexual desire. One study has shown that chocolate enables the release of phenylethylamine and serotonin within our bodies, which can elevate the mood and increase overall sexual desire.

Did you know that cannabis with THC can also boost your sexual desire? Not only does it enhance physical pleasure, but the effects can also be beneficial for both men and women. Another recent study, by Stanford University, reveals a compelling association: Regular cannabis users have 20% more sex than non-cannabis users.

Infusing marijuana into your Valentine's Day chocolate is a win-win for both you and your sweetheart. Our DYI recipe below is quick, easy and bound to impress a grateful giftee. So, get started making delicious chocolate hearts infused with cannabis and deliver them to your sweetie this Valentine's Day and let the sparks fly!

What You Need

Prepare the Chocolate

Pour the chocolate chips into your microwaveable container. Heat on high for 30 seconds. Stir vigorously and return the dish to the microwave. Heat on high for 15 seconds, then remove and stir in the desired amount of cannabutter. Return the dish to the microwave for 15 more seconds and then stir again. At this point, the chocolate and cannabis butter should be fully melted. If not, microwave for another 15 to 20 seconds, until melted.



Give your chocolate heart some character and extra flavor with flavorful toppings. Try multi-colored candy sprinkles or peanut butter chips. You can even double your cannabis pleasure with cannabis-infused peanut butter frosting. Want to have a little extra fun? Make these marijuana leaf toppers for your candy.

Putting it all Together

If you have add-ins, mix them into your chocolate and cannabutter mixture now. Layer the bottom of your mold with sprinkles or peanut butter chips, if you're adding these toppers. Pour the melted chocolate mixture into the silicone mold. Gently rap your chocolate-filled mold on your table or counter two or three times to spread the chocolate and remove air bubbles evenly. Place the mold in your refrigerator and chill until hardened, which takes about an hour.


Remove from the fridge and upend your hardened chocolates onto a plate. Gently tap the underside of the mold to release the chocolate, if necessary. If you're adding frosting, apply it now. For optimal presentation, place your candy in a heart-shaped box to give to your sweetie. You can pick them up cheaply at your local dollar store.

A Note on Silicone Molds

You can find silicone candy molds just about anywhere. Search Amazon online or visit your local craft store or Walmart. This time of year, you may even get them on sale. When choosing your chocolate candy mold, decide whether you want to make one big chocolate heart or several small ones. Word of advice — spread the joy! Cannabis offers many benefits. Why not give a few of your close friends a little Valentine's Day affection with some cannabis-infused chocolate love?