Verte Essentials - Esprit de Rose Face Mist

Verte Essentials - Espirit de Rose Face Mist

Size: 4oz bottle with 75mg of hemp extract
Ingredients: organic MCT, organic crystalline hemp extract, Rising Springs natural mineral supplement, proprietary rose extract (geranium, rhodinol, geraniol, palmarosa) and polysorbate 80

Why we hand-selected this product:
A few misty sprays of Verte Essentials rose-infused, hemp facial mist and you will be transported to a five-star spa. The subtle smell of a rose garden combined with geranium and rhodinol is an olafactory delight. It also helps to purify and hydrate your skin and a perfect addition to your daily beauty routine.
Verte Essentials is the brainchild of Blaire Lauren Brown, a successful jewelry designer and certified yoga teacher. She brings a holistic philosophy and approaches product development with the purest botanicals and herbal extracts.  In addition, Verte sources its hemp extracts from certified organic, sustainable farms in Europe.
  • Purest botanical and herbal extracts
  • Organic MCT
  • Organic hemp CBD sourced from Europe
  • Full terpene profile
How to Take/Serving Guidelines:
Mist your face with 2 to 4 sprays and gently rub into your skin.